About BlockerGame

This game is one of the most feature-rich io games in existence. It is an action-adventure, multiplayer, online game. You get to compete against players from all over the world.

 It offers a seamless mix of traditional .io elements and intense RPG action. The theme is almost completely medieval, complete with dragons, necromancers and spells. A few minor elements from the Far East (ninjas) are thrown into the mix, because, you know, everything is just better with ninjas.

blocker game

You get a rich selection of interesting characters with which you can go on your quest. They include the traditional sword-wielding Warrior, a Doctor who uses potions and poisons in battle, a Necromancer who summons zombies to destroy his enemies, a rampaging Viking, a Ninja and a few others I won’t name so you can have some nice, fun surprises for yourself.  Each character possesses unique abilities which you would explore and unleash upon your foes throughout the game.

The main objective of the game is to capture and hold the little castles on your path while destroying the other teams. You can capture as many castles as you are able to until you have taken over every outpost. As you slash through your enemies and progress towards your goal, you have to collect the coins which litter the ‘gamescape’. These coins can be traded in the shops for new weapons and other novel items. is an exciting and addictive game, even though the objective is hardly unique. It’s quite unlike other action games which exist in the .io sphere because of its unique blend of characters.



  • Use WASD keys to control your character.
  • W for navigating upwards/forward
  • A for navigating left
  • S is for navigating downwards/ backwards
  • D is for navigating right.

You can also use your arrow keys to move your character in the desired direction.

Pressing the space bar makes your character attack its opponents.


Left-clicking the mouse can also be used to attack opponents.

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