Whenever we think of an alien, we always think of an advanced race of outer space with the super destructive power. They have the ability to turn the earth into a dead planet with their awesome collection of weaponry. Then comes the galactic war where every enemy is trying to kill others for taking over the galaxy. is set into the warfare of all the advanced flying saucers with powerful & fast shooting experience.


Like any other IO game, the graphics of this game isn’t quite polished, but the simplicity and details can’t be ignored. There are numerous meteors and space debris floating all around and clashing with each other. Those are also dangerous for your own spaceship. game

It’s quite funny that everything here is round. The space debris, your spaceship etc. all are round-shaped. There is also bigger space debris that can be called a planet. Players shoot and ram into each other for dominating the galactic warfare.

Controls in Vanario

The controls are the hardest part of this game, adding the salt of difficulty into the plain shooting. For a beginner, mastering the controls is quite hard.

  • Engine on/off – W
  • Rotate – A (left), D (right)
  • Shoot – Spacebar
  • Shield on/off – Shift


There’s nothing special strategy involved in the game. The only thing you should do in the first place is to master the movement. That’s the main thing. Once mastered, no one will be able to keep up with your killing spree.

There’s nothing to do with a mouse, so it’s quite difficult. Your spaceship will continue moving in one direction until you use your engine to put force. While moving, rotate your path right or left. Shoot when necessary. Don’t worry; your ammo will regenerate very fast.

The shield is a unique mechanic. You can activate it while going face-to-face brawl. You can even ram into your enemies to kill them. There are lots of space debris all around. Destroy them to earn more points. unblocked

The more point you earn, the bigger your spaceship will become. It’s really useful because you can easily overwhelm your enemies by ramming them directly instead of shooting down. While ramming, don’t forget to active the shield for the least possible damage. Yes, both of your enemies exchange similar damage to each other and the bigger one wins.

There is some strong and larger debris around. Don’t you dare touch them, or you’ll die instantly. Reviews