Fly or Die io

Flyordie io was certainly designed to hold mass appeal. Its storyline does not cater to any particular niche of audience; everyone can enjoy this game. The ‘gamescape’ is very beautiful and brightly colored and the characters are just as lovely. It is a nature game that is intended to portray the interactions between flying creatures. strategy

At first glance, it is a beautiful verdant scene with wing creatures of different species and sizes flying around. However upon closer inspection, you realize every creature is trying to eat every other creature in a silent battle for survival and growth.  In summary, it is about guiding your character to the top of the food chain by consuming others and evolving into the next specie on the chain until you get to the top. Your first character is a fly.

Gameplay Description

You first join the game by writing your name in the space provided on the screen. After that, you are assigned to you first character as a beginner- A Fly.

On the screen you see three ‘bars’. One is long and the other two are shorter-approximately half its size. The first bar shows your score, the second bar shows your oxygen level and the third shows your water level. Directly beneath the bars are the icons of the creatures your character is allowed to consume at its level.

In the case of the fly it is the fish and some other weirdly shaped creature. Your water level decreases as you fly around, and in order to replenish you must find a pool and dive into it. However, as soon as you enter the pool, your oxygen level begins to decrease very rapidly until you die, thus you must not spend any more time than you have to in the pool.

flyordie io game

As you fly around, you must avoid the creatures that wish to consume you, and also try to eat other creatures at the same time. You eat other creatures by landing on them and staying until their life bar reduces to the end, other creatures can eat you by doing the same thing. Your score increases as you eat the creatures you are allowed to eat at any given stage. When you die, you get to re-spawn as many times as possible.

Controls to play the game Flyordie io

  • You use the WASD keys on the keyboard to fly around.
  • You left-click on the mouse to fly.

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