Since the very starting of the era of planes, it’s been one of the major parts of all the battles in the world. With a great command over the air, every battlefield becomes a serious place for tactics and skill. Using planes, versatile attacks can be launched. What would happen if you had a warplane under your control? What about all the other enemy planes floating around the air? Time to wreak havoc in the air on


Just like any other plane fighting game, this one features such a nice graphics! Despite being an IO game, this one simply overwhelms any other IO game in this case. In addition, the game is quite polished with all the nice & cool details. For a plane war, details are the most important thing for destroying enemies. game

In this game, there are servers at 2 regions only, so it may stutter a bit depending on your location. There are also different modes to levitate the adrenaline flow to your brain. There are also different rooms in the game, so don’t worry about the number of players. You can even create one once you’ve become enough powerful on the battlefield.


The game has quite simplistic controls. If you’ve played any other IO game, it must be very simple for you.

  • Change direction (right/left) – Right & Left arrows
  • Dive & Climb upwards – Forward arrow
  • Loop – Downward arrow
  • Shoot – Spacebar


This game is really fast-paced as a plane shooting, so be careful not to get smashed into others or taking all the damages at once. Move towards a less active zone to understand the game mechanics, controls, and others.

There are different types of game modes available and you’re free to change the mode once you die. There are all the players in real life with the real brain, so don’t expect any stupid moves. There’s also a boundary of big, rocky planes to limit the area and increase the chance of clashing.

Once you get your grip on the movement, you should try mastering the diving and looping. These moves give special advantage while in a big crowd of the face-to-face brawl. You can easily evade others’ attacks and stay alive. Reviews