As a human being, we have adopted our physique according to the gravity of the planet. In fact, every single thing we perform on the earth has things to do with the gravity. Without gravity, nothing would be possible. The entire universe follows the rule of gravity. Without gravity, nothing would be possible. If gravity is everything, why not take its advantage and get into a gravity warfare? Time to find out the final outcome at GravityGame.IO where your actions are determined using the gravity.


The gameplay of Gravitygame io is quite funny, to be honest. Your avatar is nothing more than a rectangle box with a shooter at the hand. It shoots bullets and jumps from one planet to another in the field of hundreds of planets. You can duck & run anywhere you want. game

The graphics is also more than enough to make you laugh. The look and everything else is quite funny and interesting. Even your bullets follow the rule of gravity!


The controls are simple, but the movement system is quite different. Your movement will be decided by the nearby planet and the planet you’re on.

  • Jump – W
  • Go right – A
  • Go left – D
  • Duck – S
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)
  • Power shoot – Right-click (mouse) [hold]


This game is quite interesting and funny. However, there are some tricks to follow and your instinct to dominate in the planet universe.

The first thing to do is to understand and master the movement and controls. Although all of us are familiar the same type of movement, it’s quite difficult in the application of the game. You can jump and go in a different direction. However, your down will always work as the gravity point, meaning it will keep its direction towards the nearest planet.

While in the air, use different directional keys to use boosters. Boosters help faster movement and changing direction while in the air. This will also help you evading enemy attacks and engage in a sudden counterattack. how to play

Duck is a special feature that will help you get rid of others’ bullets. The appearance becomes really funny, but it’s quite useful in tons of situations. However, you can only duck when you’re on a planet, not in the air.

Use shots and power-shots according to your advantage and situation. There are also health packs appearing on the entire map. Those will fall towards the nearest planet. Sometimes, a planet can become loaded with all the health packs. When you’re damaged, consume them for getting a bigger advantage in the arena. Reviews