is a gigantic, online, multiplayer, puzzle game. It is very much like the classic mobile game ‘Candy Crush’. And quite like the candy crush game, it is easy to get lost in this game and lose track of time. In this game you have a gigantic puzzle board where you are given an objective to complete. game

The objective is usually time-bound; therefore you are almost always racing against time. is quite different because unlike other .io games the goal is not to destroy other players. You would actually have to work with them because you are playing on the same puzzle board at the same time. However, you would still be ranked against each other. 

Gameplay Description unblockedWhen you open the game on your browser, you put your name in the box provided. After you’ve done that you get a prompt that tells you your objective for the stage you are about to enter. The first objective is usually ’take four robots to the bottom in 90 seconds’. After the prompt, the puzzle board appears and the game starts.

Your task is to locate four robot heads and drag them to the bottom of the puzzle board before the time runs out. You do this by clicking on the robot heads and dragging them down one tile at a time, or you could use any strategy you see fit. When one stage ends, you are given a new objective and you proceed to the next stage. The game is quite hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you would have a good time.

Controls to play the game Massive Match

The controls for the game are pretty simple. Just left-click and drag the tile you wish to match to the spot where you want it. Reviews