Do any of you remember the age of retro games? Those classics, old games that were about to blow our head off with excitement, right? No matter how good the games of this age are, those classic games will always be there with their own pride. If you want to have the feel of the classic world again, let’s start playing PewPewio.Online right now!


This is a classic shooting game which is remastered in the world of IO. You have a ship, you got a gun and your target is to rule the arena. The battleground is set in the outer space where you can roam free to cause chaos and destruction. unblocked

Your avatar is nice and funny. Instead of having the look of a spaceship, the symbol resembles more like a clock with a gun mounted. You’re able to move around the arena and bring down your enemies without any mistake. There are also power-ups available in the arena. Using those power-ups, you can boost your abilities and become even deadlier than others and do more destruction!


Like any other IO game, this game is quite simple to control. Despite having simple controls, those are a bit hard to master, to be honest.

  • Movement – Arrow keys or WASD
  • Aim – Cursor
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)
  • Dash – Right-click (mouse)


The only goal in this game is to survive and destroy the most enemies possible as well as protect yourself from getting killed. You have to have a very sharp look at your position and movement.

The unique thing here is the dash. Dashing allows you rush towards the direction of the cursor and has a cooldown time. It can be very useful, for example, retreating from a heavy fire or rushing to a vulnerable enemy and eliminate him. Make sure to engage others while you have the dashing power for ensuring your survival. Dashing can also be used to ram your enemies, but be careful of suicide!

The barrier of the arena is quite slippery. You can also use it to your advantage. When you’re in touch with the boundary, your ship will move faster along the path at the speed of dashing. This may be not an intended feature but surely increases the excitement.

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