About the Game

Most of the io games are based on strategy. This game is a little bit different from others. You are just like a planet in this game and you need to maintain your moon and be big among all other players. Moon remain orbiting around you and you have to catch them to have a larger space.

Gameplay Description

The gameplay is simple to understand. The first thing you need to do is to have a larger space and moons than the other opponents moving in the space. You can hit your enemies by throwing your stars and moons to kill and occupy their space. You can directly attack them by through your planet but it is a little risky option for you if your opponent has the same number of stars you have. There is an option of boosting your ability in the game to generate some energy and it will help you grow some more moons on your planet. game

The more points you have, there will be bigger orbits for you. Kill your enemies with the help of your orbits you own. If you have bigger orbits then you will have the bigger explosive ring while attacking. Try to kill and eat them and get big and big in given time. Try to avoid the borderline in the game if you kill you if you cross your line.

How to Play?

The controls are very simple to understand. Most of the functions of the game are done with the help of the mouse. To move your planet, use your mouse. Left mouse key is used to get moon nearby you and it is also used for the boost option. You can attack your enemies through the mouse as well and the space bar is used to speed up your planet.

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