Cars have always been a permanent part of the world of games. You race against others and take the dub without any mistake, right? It’s also quite fun bashing each other and wreaking them into pieces. The crashing party is back with!


For any race fan, the gameplay will be quite awesome. Those who didn’t play similar games before will also have the same amount of excitement. You control a car that is on the destination of being the top at wreaking! Yes, wreaking others is what all about.

An interesting thing is, you have to bash others from the backside to do damage. That’s a pretty weird thing to do, but this adds the spice of the entire gameplay. The graphics are awesome and smooth despite being an IO game. gameplay

There are several types of cars available. The outer frame is quite same, except the driver. These cars are driven by superheroes including –

  • Super Mario Bros
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Batman
  • Naruto etc.


The car will follow your cursor. There are also other functions that you can do.

  • Movement – Cursor [the car will follow the cursor direction]
  • Boost – Left-click (mouse)


This game is all about bashing and wreaking. You all know how that works – the higher speed, the more damage. That’s why speed boost plays an important role here.

To earn more points, you need to collect those coins and destroy other players. The coins are available when you kill the crocodiles, boxes and those golden slugs. Farming those coins is an easy way to rank higher on the leaderboard. However, for better score boost, you have to bash and kill other players.

Continue traveling around the map and keep a sharp look for any nearby enemies. All of them are trying to kill each other, so be careful not to get bashed. When hitting from behind, use boost for higher damage. drawing game

If you’re damaged, you won’t be healed automatically. You have to collect those coins. That’s why it’s a good thing to start destroying others as soon as you spawn and retreat when your life is low. Coins are very easily obtainable from anywhere on the map, so don’t worry about them.

Your boost has a limit that replenishes automatically. When you start the game, there will be 2 bars on your car – RED and YELLOW. RED one indicates your life and YELLOW one indicates your boost amount. Think of the boost as the Nitro in other racing games. Reviews