If you ever owned the classic, good old phones, you already know the appeal of the snake game! It was one of my favorites all the time and will be forever. If you want to have the same feeling with more excitement, Snixio is here – with multiplayer! The game resembles the classic Snake game quite well. With the multiplayer arena, the game is now a lot more exciting and fun.


The gameplay of is not less than any other game. The game being very simple, the graphics are very fluid and smooth as well. The vibrant, stunning colors of your snake is quite charming. Additionally, the head is now a block-shaped for fun. game

The game representing the classic Snake series doesn’t have any special game mode or other features. However, the game is FAST, compared to the slowness of classic days. Your only target is becoming the longest. You can eliminate others if they clash on your body and vice-versa. The snake is quite beautiful, to be honest!


The game follows very simple moves, but the strategy can be a tricky part. When you start playing, make sure that you choose your name and your preferred skin! The colors are quite charming and catchy. Then, it’s time for farming. Like all the snake games, farming will help you grow up in size and points at the same time. There’re lots of mini foods scattered throughout the arena for your consumption. Those are a great source for earning more points.

The tricky part is how to kill your opponents. If your opponent tries to eat your body, they’ll die. In this game, it doesn’t matter how long you grow up; unless others get destroyed, you won’t have an easy time climbing up the leaderboard. This is the trick I use – I eat, eat and eat to grow very long, then surround a snake entirely. Now, he’s bound to die within my grasp.

This surrounding is also a great way to manage yourself. Remember, you don’t eat yourself when you run over your body. That’s a big relief and an advantage for you. It’s also great to manage your length when you grow up very long.


The game is very simple with simple controls. The only function is movement. You can use WASD or Arrow keys to move your snake throughout the map. Reviews