speedboats.io gameThe best description of this game could be fast and furious! Speedboats.io features one of the fastest vehicles on the water – the speedboat. In addition, the boat also has a gun mounted in front of helping you to dominate the ocean. This game is very fast-paced and super exciting!

There are lots of exciting games that may require you to purchase or invest quite a good amount of your time. In such scenario, you should try out SpeedBoats.io – you won’t regret!


The gameplay of SpeedBoats.IO is very fluid and smooth. You start rocking the ocean with your own speedboat that can fire and move super-fast. This ocean is on the bank of an extinct city where the ruins still peek out of the water and continue to announce its existence. Because of the ruins, it’s quite possible to perform lots of perks and stuns on the water while destroying your enemy.

speedboats.io gameplay

The graphics are not so polished, but if you’re a fan of the classic games, you’ll absolutely LOVE it! Besides, the graphics aren’t the important part; it’s the EXCITEMENT. Indeed, the fast pace stuns and shoot at the same time adds a lot of excitement in the scenario.

You have the option to choose from a collection of skins. Each one is used to give the look a bit different. Feel free to check out all of them! In this game, you’ll also have day and night along with a nice view of nature.


The speedboat is easy to control, but really HARD to master. Why? It’s because of the speed and all the obstacles. Here are all the controls for the game.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Shooting – Left-click (mouse)
  • Full screen – F


The main strategy is to survive and destroy other players. You have to combine both of your shooting and controlling skills at the same time. As you played any other FPS game, you can control your boat with your hands and shoot with the mouse.

speedboats.io main strategy

In addition, you have the ability to use the landscape to your advantage. For example, you can use the slopes for speeding away from enemy flocks or make some stuns for your friends! Remember that your boat will damage other boats if you ram it. That being said, be careful for not ramming too much as it will catch you off-guard. The damage is proportional to your speed.

Use the power-ups properly. That’s all. Ready?

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