gameAbout is a free, online multiplayer game that is played between teams. The game is based on the concept of protecting your battle base while attacking your opponent’s. If you love the mission and war oriented game themes, Battleboats io can be a great game for you. The interface is really simple yet high quality.

Players from around the world play the game. You can assign yourself a cool, catchy name to be reckoned with during a battle.


The game is played between two teams, red and blue. And the target given is the same, which is to destroy the opponent’s headquarters. This can be achieved by moving your team bomb towards the enemy base until it collides with it. To make that possible, players of the team are supposed to pick up mine crates. With each crate picked up, the bomb pushes closer to the opponent base. gameplay

Meanwhile, the players have to destroy the enemy’s battle boats that they encounter in the sea. There is ammunition in the stock. Initially, a player is granted 20 ammunitions. But once they run out, ammunition crates can be picked up for restocking. The players can also upgrade their battleboats to more powerful ones. The upgrade can be achieved by picking up the XP crates. teams

If you get killed during a battle, you have the option of coming back or quitting. If you return, you can still carry out the mission and make as much damage as possible to the enemy to help your team win. At the end of the game, players of both teams are ranked on the basis of their performance. 


Players can control and move around their ship using the mouse, W, S, A, D keys or the cursor keys. To destroy an opponent’s battleboat, a player ought to select the boat and attack with the left click of mouse, Q or E. Reviews