Who does NOT love racing? It’s like running your own super engines towards the infinity. Racing games also offer a HUGE amount of adrenaline rush that I believe most of us enjoy. Well, here comes another awesome intergalactic racing game where you take part in an outer world racing on your own racing spaceships!


The graphics give a pretty great look! The entire vibe of the game is set into the outer world along with space-grade racing tracks! There are also other racers out there willing to take you down. In the scenario, your target is to move as smoothly as possible throughout the track and earn the highest possible rank. Be careful, though. The track is a serious slippery one! game

There are a number of available ships with a handful of available color selections. The coloring is for aesthetics purpose but the ships are a real deal. They are categorized in 4 different tiers – D, C, B, and A. The higher the tier, the faster the ship. That gives you an amazing performance boost in the track.


Well, as the race takes place in the space, getting a good control is pretty difficult and requires a quite amount of experience in order to master the movement. Here are all the controls available –

  • Movement (right/left) – Right/Left arrow keys
  • Boost – Forward arrow key


The only target is winning the race, no matter what. However, make sure that you’ve properly understood the mechanism of the steering of the ship so that you don’t end up continuously moving right and left and right and left and right…

Once you’ve understood the mechanism, you can take your gameplay to a whole new level by drifting! When you drift alongside the wall, you’ll end up accumulating boosts. This isn’t like the nitro we’re familiar with on the classic racing. It’s a one-time shot that will use all of it for giving you a big jump ahead. drawing game

Keep your head up, steer well and make sure that drift whenever possible for better boost accumulation. Once you’re near the line, you can directly use the boost for getting ahead of your enemy racers. Reviews