is the most popular genre of gaming, right? You will have to survive in the open arena filled with enemies till the last man standing. There are a number of ways of eliminating your enemies and you have to use all of them to the fullest potential.

Fortnite, PUBG etc. are the kings of battle royale genre. Ready to enjoy the same craze right now? Time to jump into!


This game features a very simplistic, 2D map with a number of objects lying around. Every single object is a resource itself. The graphics is also quite simple and cartoonish. game

Despite being simple, the game itself is really cool. You can build a number of buildings for your hideout, destroying or fooling your enemies or defending yourself. Every single mechanism is just like Fortnite, bringing the level of craze to a whole new level.

Currently, the only available mode is single player mode. In the future, the duos battle is coming.


Despite being an IO game, it features a ton of complex controls that can easily turn the tide of a battle.

  • Movement – cursor (your avatar will follow your cursor)
  • Aim – Right-click
  • Shoot – Left-click
  • Inventory – Tab
  • Jump – Spacebar
  • Sprint – Shift
  • Check map – M
  • Reload weapon – R
  • Open building – Q

Strategy drawing gameThe game follows the same mechanics of any battle royale game, especially Fortnite where buildings play a HUGE role in your game outcome.

When you spawn, your primary target is to find out some good weapon and enough ammo to dish out enough damage and take down your enemies. Next, it’s time to collect all your resource and keep yourself ready to build your buildings and other traps.

For the weapon, your basic weapon is the pickaxe. You can also destroy objects using your ammo during a brawl.

There are a number of available consumables and weapons around the field. Some hidden places offer a ton of resources for survival. Be careful; those place can also be a part of the enemy hideout.

Continue killing and stay within the storm’s eye for becoming the last man surviving in the Reviews