About Game

Underground tunnel wars games are fantastic to play especially when you are playing with your friends or any other online player. is one such a game which provides all the features we like in a war game. The mighty tanks are used for the fighting. You need to move on the map to kill opponents and survive. You need to put all your efforts to take down all your opponents. It is not so easy to play as it is an awesome online multiplayer game.

Gameplay Description is an easy game to play. You just need to get more and more kills and gain more points than the others. These points will make you able to upgrade tanks, aim capabilities, health, weapon reload and weapons on the tanks. Get higher level to be invisible in the game and tease your opponents. Being invisible in this game is a real joy. game

You can start playing the game by just putting a username, region server and choosing tank skin. Go out on the field and start shooting the golden nuggets on the map. The positioning of your tank is very important to keep you calm and wait for your turn.

At the start of the game, you are safe. There is no way anyone can attack you in that position. When you go out in the tunnel map, you can attack anyone. You earn points on every kill. You will face some of the mighty nuggets on the map, kill them to get more points. As the game goes further, your tank becomes more powerful and destructive. drawing game

Your opponents can kill you as well as they are playing the game same way you do. So, always keep an eye on your health and upgrade your capabilities. Try to be sharp in the mud and be safe. Just be the last one there on the field. Can you become a champion in

How to Play?

This is the game that definitely won't trouble you at all. You can use arrow keys to move or Keys WASD can do the same function. The mouse can be used to shoot the tanks. Now, play this game with ease and bring your plus game on the field. Stay happy! Reviews