About Dodgeballs

Dodgeballs is a multiplayer online game similar to the typical dodgeball game. You are to avoid attacks of other players and attack other players to get them off the game. The game players you get off the game, the higher the scores you accumulate. Other players throw balls at you which you should dodge, and you try to hit others with balls also.

This game is particularly interesting as it's style is similar to that of Players appear as blobs in the games with several other smaller blobs in the arena which serve as the balls. You are to haul balls at other players as specific targets. The more the players you are able to successfully hit with a blob, the higher your scores. The more scores you accumulate from kills, the higher you move on the leaderboard. game

Just like typical dodgeball games, the balls bounce off the walls of the arena, so you have to watch out for those balls that bounce off and those thrown by opponents. Players of this game target one another, and you need to be very watchful while playing dodgeballs io.

Gameplay description  unblockedThe rules of are stated with simplicity. Kill as many opponents as possible on your way to the top. You can do this by strategically hauling balls at opponents as you go. You should note that the smaller blobs which serve as the balls come in different colours, and you cannot use similar colours in succession. So if you just hauled a purple ball at an opponent, you shouldn't pick up a purple ball next. Also, when two balls, collide, they bounce off, so be watchful of such balls too.

You exercise control and guide your player with the mouse and arrow keys. Your blob follows the mouse cursor and acts on your direction. With a click of the left mouse button, you can throw a ball at a specific target.

Overall, your goal is to establish perfect throws and kill your opponents to the top. Reviews