About Hookem io

If you are looking for a fast-paced multiplayer game then you're on getting a right game in the form of Hookem.io. There are emoji shaped circles everywhere on the map. The weapon used in the game is a hook.  It helps you in getting your opponents and grab their energies. Play this awesome game without having any issues. This game is expected to be launched in the form of the app soon due to huge popularity.

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Gameplay Description

At the start of the game, you can choose your color. Each color has specific abilities. Be careful while choosing. If you don't, you will get a random character. There is an option available for switching. what you need to do is pay 10 units of energy. For example, you are attacked by some other player and now you want to move faster, pay 10 units of energy and switch into a racer and run. There are more classes that can help you in difficult situations. So, use them all to become the master of the arena.

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There are thousands of crystals all over the map and they help you to regain your life. For every four crystals, you get one unit of life. There are cutters on the edges of the plot, don't touch them. These cutters can reduce your life to certain units. You can get some valuable bonuses that can make you invisible to the other players.

How to Play?

Left mouse key is used to throw a hook to your opponents. Protection shield is activated when you press right mouse key. To switch, use number keys from 1 to 4. This function of the game is extremely good. Press enter if you want to send the text. Other players can your text above your circle. Stay safe and kill your enemies to have their energies!

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